We believe you should know exactly what to expect from us, so in conjunction with our insurance business partners Clear Insurance Management we are very pleased to state our Service Level Agreement. This is what you should expect from us.

If your existing broker doesn’t work to these standards then maybe it’s time you spoke to us.

  1. Renewal activities to commence (in good time).  In most cases, this will be 4-6 weeks prior to the renewal date.
  2. An account review will be done to ensure policy remains with the right insurer and competitive based on our policyholders needs and requirements.
  3. Our Renewal Invitation will be with our policyholder 21 days before the renewal date to allow for amendments or circumstances to be changed.
  4. We will consider the proposed market strategy for each policy. Considerations will include:
    • how recently the risk was last remarketed
    • ongoing and settled claim review
    • changes in client circumstances
    • changes in the insurer’s security rating
    • the holding market’s current approach to renewals; and
    • general market conditions

    The strategy for each policy will be advised and discussed with the policyholder.

  5. Clear are committed to putting clients needs first and at the forefront of our culture.
  6. New Business risks will be marketed with a proposer demands and needs and requirements in mind.
  7. Clear will contact any new enquiry within 48 hours.
  8. Clear have a dedicated claims team on hand to assist with any claim made.
  9. Each policyholder has a dedicated Account Handler or Executive with one point of contact throughout the lifecycle of the policy, with direct contact details.

Both NetRent and Clear are committed to giving you the best possible service. You can contact us on 01352 721300 or by email by clicking here.