AVG AntiVirus firewall prevents the form being submitted and stops the transaction to payment. It will also clear the form as it resets the page.

We are unaware of any other AntiVirus and/or firewall software that causes conflicts with our order forms. Please note nothing is downloaded onto your computer with this form.

You may leave any other antivirus, malware or firewall software enabled.

To temporarily disable AVG you can follow the instructions below.

To disable AVG, first open the programme. The icon will be similar to the image as below.


Click “Options”, and then select “Advanced Settings”.

In the new window that has opened, on the left hand side there will be an option “Temporarily disable AVG protection”, and then the button “Temporarily disable AVG protection”, you can then select how long you would like to disable AVG, we recommend at least 15 minutes or “until I restart my computer”, and tick the box “Disable firewall protection”.

You can now click the “Ok” button, and close the Options menu.

AVG will now display, “AVG is temporarily disabled”. This means you are safe to complete your order without errors.

To ensure that this takes effect, you could also close your internet browser and open it back up before filling in your form.

AVG will automatically come back on after your selected time.