When you call us we won’t ask you to “press 1 for a quotation” … filtering out the new business enquiries whilst existing clients wait in a queue. We will treat you as you deserve to be treated.

So when you choose Clear you will be in the hands of an expert you can rely on, someone you can build a relationship with, who cares and will do the right thing – because these are our values and that’s why we’re different.

That’s why our customers have rated us as Excellent on Trustpilot.

We know the jargon-ridden insurance world can be confusing so it’s up to us to make it simple, to work with you to establish the right protection at the right price, for your business, your people or your home. From large international companies with complex needs served by a dedicated team of specialists, to individuals seeking to protect start-up enterprises or the family home, we want to help.

Whilst size isn’t everything, it does help. Placing over £135m of premium for our clients gets us the attention of the best insurers whilst our membership of Brokerbility, the leading network of independent brokers, elevates our status further. Brokerbility members control over £600m collectively, and as one of the largest members, we know the key people at the leading insurers and they know us – handy on those occasions, thankfully few and far between, when things don’t go as planned.

And when something goes wrong, our dedicated claims team know how to get your claim the urgent attention it deserves. Of the thousands of claims we handle each year, from a devastating house fire to life-changing personal injuries, just a handful run into difficulties. But how we operate business and our reputation for fairness, means you have the best team in your corner and your insurers will listen to us.

We hope you’ll only have to ask yourself once, why Clear? After that it should be obvious.

Clear is a registered Lloyd’s broker, giving us direct access to a unique pool of underwriting expertise in the Lloyd’s global marketplace (the world’s largest specialist insurance market).

This means that we are well positioned to locate the best insurers and negotiate the most favourable contractual terms for those clients who require specialist, innovative or bespoke risk solutions.

As an intermediary, distributing insurers’ products, we have to stand out from the crowd by maintaining distinctive values. As we grow we talk about what this means all the time because strongly held, shared values can be powerful in influencing how we behave and the service we provide. So in our business planning, our team gatherings and day to day activities we keep a focus on our:

  • Culture – we treasure our informality and transparency and recognise that such freedoms require discipline and accountability
  • Relationships – whether you’re our client, our insurer partner, another broker or a colleague, we will treat you as we would wish to be treated to help build a lasting trust between us
  • Sustainability – we’re still a young business with a long term plan, to provide clients, colleagues and other stakeholders with enduring security, certainty and continuity
  • Behaviour – underpinning all this is our maxim ‘do the right thing’ – when applied to a difficult situation, this simple expression normally shines a light on the obvious response

So, if you don’t find us living up to these values we’d like your feedback. And if you do, we’d love to hear from you.